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Thread: accessing internet with backtrack 3.0(cable)

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    Default accessing internet with backtrack 3.0(cable)

    Hello everybody,
    I have been looking for the way to set backtrack configuration in the way to access the net...What i have noticed is the fact that all the tutorials about this are to show the way to access the net with WIRELESS...
    Here i need to know, is the way to proceed with CABLE INSTALLATIONS
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    Help us help you. In other words, we need A LOT MORE INFORMATION! Start off by describing your LAN and it's configuration. Include such things as:

    • The router's basic configuration
    • Whether or not you are using NAT
    • Whether or not you are using DHCP, and the address range for the DHCP or static addresses.

    One thing to consider: This is all Networking 101. If you don't know the basics for getting a wired connection up and running, do you really want to run an distro such as Back|Track which is designed for advanced users? Might you be better off with a distro that is more "newbie friendly"?
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