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Wtf is wrong with you i got the cd already.and im doing it....like really people shouldn't judge...before they see.my arp attack is very slow 5 only....how can i make it faster ... thats what im doing I SEARCHED OVER A [FFFF] hour!
What's wrong with me?

You have made 3 threads.

Your first thread was simply asking for help with something which you openly admitted you were too lazy to even try for yourself. Searching the forums or the wiki would have provided you with the answers, very quickly and very easily.
Even after I provided the answers, you failed to understand them and became abusive, because it would seem in your opinion you weren't being spoonfed quickly enough.
Eventually, I closed the thread.

The second and third threads were cross posts, which is against this forums (and most forums) rules. I merged them for you anyway.
Despite the various members comments and answers, you continue to ask the most obvious questions, for which answers could easily be found with minimal application of effort on your part.
And now, because you are not being spoonfed, you are getting abusive again.
So now I'll have to close this thread.

So basically, you constantly refuse to do anything for yourself and simply expect someone to provide you with comprehensive "step-by-step" guides.
You then develop lousy and abusive attitudes whenever you realise that you are not going to be spoonfed.

It would also seem from your comments
....also the -h does that mean there Station? ....
00:0C:416:A0:5F / 416:A0:5F:00:13 / 24435 <------ have no clue
that you aren't even using aircrack against your own equipment.

Breaking into wireless AP's which you neither own or have obtained permission to access, is illegal almost everywhere.
We do not condone illegal behavior.

Now I think enough is enough.

Perhaps you should have risked the possibility of physical exhaustion and attempted to read the forum rules?
After all, they are in a kind of step-by-step format.