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Thread: Backtrack+Suse+Lilo

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    Question Backtrack+Suse+Lilo


    I'm a but stuck in the mud.
    I have the following partitions with openSuse11 and Backtrack 3 installed...

    /dev/hda1/ root (open suse)
    /dev/hda2/ swap (open suse)
    /dev/hda3/ home (open suse)
    /dev/hda4/ (backtrack)

    I installed Suse first and then installed BackTrack.
    I then tried to modify my lilo.conf to boot both, but get the following error..."No such file or directory."
    My lilo.conf file has the following...

    "Linux bootable partition begins
    image = /boot/vmlinuz
    root = /dev/hda4
    label = LinuxBackTrack_3
    image = /boot/vmlinuz-
    root = /dev/hda1
    label = SuseLinux

    If I do the following...
    mkdir /mnt/dp1
    mount /dev/hda1 /mnt/dp1
    ls /mnt/dp1/boot

    I see the Suse image files...."vmlinuz-"

    Can someone please help me with this.


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    Lilo is looking in your currently mounted /boot folder for the kernels. If that's not where they are lilo won't be able to find them.

    Adjust your image path. If you are running lilo from BT, your BT kernel is in /boot and your suse kernel is wherever you have the suse partition mounted at.

    image = /mnt/dp1/boot/vmlinuz-

    Good Luck

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