Hello Everyone,

My name is Bill and I currently go to UNCG in Greensboro, NC, I am in the process of obtaining an IS degree. I've been browsing the forums for a few days now and finally decided to register and say hello.

I also had a few, probably very newbish questions to ask which will hopefully not get me flamed ( I have used search ;P ).

Can anyone give me some advice on any essential beginner steps I need to take in order to learn BT3 and Network Security in general? I downloaded the slackware manual, I have some minor linux experience (Ubuntu) tons of windows experience, and an informal grasp on TCP/IP, and Networking in general. Hopefully before too long I will be able to go and get my CCNA, but thats a ways off (I hate subnetting and I suck at it..). I've also watch alot of videos by Irongeek and Xploitz which have been very informative.

Secondly, forgive me if this is answered somewhere obvious, I have been considering a BT3 build on a flash drive and just using a desktop PC in order to pentest my own network and basically fool around and get my bearings. Problem is, I am fairly sure my desktop PCs network card doesn't support monitor mode or injection, and every NIC I see on the lists I've found searching here seems to be cardbus, can anyone give me advice or toss me a link to where I can finds a standard PCI nic that will get the job done?

#3, Are there any pitfalls I need to avoid while doing the USB install and getting started with BT3? Or when using Aircrack to mess with my AP? Or with anything you think I'll encounter during my learning curve? Every piece of software seems to have kinks in it that are common, and annoying, and I'd really like to be aware of those ahead of time

Finally any other advice that anyone here feels would be helpful to me, please share! I have a great knack for understanding technology, and hopefully I'll be a quick study on my own, but your help is greatly appreciated!

Thanks for the read, and please, forgive me if I'm asking the same questions you've heard a thousand times.