I use the LiveCD BackTrack 3. So, no installation, just boot the LiveCD then use KDE and tools.

1. Is it possible to define a keyboard shortcut to capture/save the active window on the desktop (without dialog box)?
If not, what is the quickest way to get jut the capture of the active window (not full screen)?
I didn't find anything in the help of KSnapshot.

2. LiveCD means "no persistent data/changes" because the OS workspace is the RAM. So, is it possible to save all (most of) KDE's setting in a file on the HD (Windows System Drive). Then, reload this file next time?

3. Usually you have to reboot your OS after installing a driver. But rebooting a LiveCD means that all your installed softwares/drivers gone. So, is there a way to install a driver without to reboot BackTrack3 ?
(I'm reading the install notice of ipw2200.sourceforge.net )

Thanks an regards.
Newbie BackTrack user.