I share a net connection with a friend across the street, with my Alfa and a Yagi antenna the signal streangth and link quality is around 60%, but it has recently started to cut out every few minutes, when I refresh the network list I pick up another signal which is 95-100% but not the 60% one, if I unplug and plug it back in it works again for another few minutes.

It is definately not the connection or AP itself cutting out as it's always available instantly after I have plugged the Alfa back in, and my friend is not reporting any cut outs.

In BT2 the signal gets lost but It seems to resolve the problem itself and reconnect instantly, so I don't even notice it, apart from the message box saying the connection has been lost.

In windows I have to either unplug and replug or click repair, any ideas ?

(apart from always using BT, as this is not an option unfortunately.)

Thanks in advance for your help !