How to set up an IP address in FAST-TRACK (or backtrack) to let vulnerable machine reverse to connect it, I have used backtrack in VM , network is NET, so the IP address of backtrack is a LAN IP address, when the fast-track discovered a vulnerable machine, what it reverse-connected was LAN IP address!I want to use socks5 proxy to accept the date of backlink , how can I set up
an IP address which can provide the reverse connection in the fast-track?

1,How to set up a global socks5 proxy and multi-level proxy through DANTE ? Now I have an SSH host, how to do it?
2,I have a VM host with , using the WIN2000 system. I would like to use FAST-TRACK autopwn module to test it, but my backtrack IP is, I want it to connect back to my backtrack, IP address is WANIPof my host.I use SSH to connect my host to be the SOCKS5 proxy.
3,So I try to add a new network card in the VM virtual machine, and set up it to be a static WAN IP address. The IP address of NIC 2 is still the DHCP's,and then we do port mapping in the virtual machine
As a result, when I try to detect it,the reverse connection is always pointing to my LAN IP address
4、I tried a VPN connection, but i still can not find it!And it still connects back to my LAN IP address.
5、I think it should be no less complex, if you can set up a shared IP address through the backtrack so that all software can choose it?

Look forward to your answer,Thanks