Backtrack3 hangs on the boot-up with a Toshiba Tecra A9-S9015.
It consistently hangs on the Triggering udev events.

If you boot into KDE and modify the boot command to include 'nohotplug' it will boot to the command prompt.

Once you log in you can execute the following commands to get into a graphical interface:

#udevd --daemon
#udevtrigger --subsystem-nomatch=pci

For some reason this doesn't always let you get into a konsole window, so you may have to reboot.

Some driver modules may have to be loaded seperately like the ath_pci module. There are some issues with the Ubiquiti PCMCIA cards with this boot method.

The offending driver is the intel-agp.ko module. If anyone knows how to rebuild the iso with without it giving the error of chroot not found, let me know