I saw on the BackTrack wiki that the D-Link DWL-G550 isnt' mentionned in the HCL:Wireless section. That is strange because it's a very good piece of hardware :

- Good TX and RX power
- External, omni-directionnal and replaceable 5 dBi antenna
- Good packet injection performance (~ 500 pps, steady)
- Good OS support (XP, Vista, Linux)
- WPA/WPA2 Personal and Enterprise support

On the D-Link website it's presented as « specifically designed for corporate environments ». It's based on the Atheros AR5212 chipset (substrate of the AR5002X chipset).

It works out of the box with BackTrack 3 Final (unless specific issues, it'll work as well in the beta). All you have to do is set the ath0 interface to monitor and you can start aircracking or do whatever you want.

That's about it