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Thread: airodump-ng bug?? please help

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    Default airodump-ng bug?? please help

    I have been using the air suite for a while on other computers. However when I run airodump-ng on my HP dv5224r laptop I have an issue. When I start airodump it starts sniffing and then if I move my mouse the screen jacks up and starts jumping and my mouse is uncontrollable.
    Airodump-ng is the only program which causes this. Is there any graphic confs that I should change, or is this a known problem? This problem exists with backtrack 3, 3 beta, and 2. i'm using KDE


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    I would assume its a hardware issue, either your x-config is wrong google for correct xconf settings, you have IRQ issues or you just need to try updating to a new -ng build.

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