I've read all sorts of stuff about the ati.lzm module that needs to be installed for newer ATI graphics chipsets to work.

I've found the ati.lzm module for BT2 on backtrack.offensive-security.com (would post the URL, but I haven't made 15 posts....)

Googling for ati.lzm related to BT3, though, just gets a lot of results of people saying "You need to install the ati.lzm module for this to work," but no links of where to get it for BT3.

Will the BT2 module work for BT3? Or would I be better off using the ATI driver installer binary from ATI's website?

I suppose I could always try both, and see if anything blows up.
It's not like it's particularly difficult to reinstall BT3.....