as I understand in order to be able to use cryptsetup the following packages were/are required for BT2 and I expect the same for BT3.
(since I would like to use 'uselivemod', the following packages (*.tgz) can not be used out of the box..


In oder to make a module I did the followings steps:

# tgz2mo
# mo2lzm abc.mo abc.lzm
(error message: can't find a Squashfs on abc.mo)
# uselivemod abc.lzm
module file is stored inside the union, moving to /mnt/live/memory/modules
Cannot read module data. orruped download?
error inserting modules to live filesystem

Obviously the cryptsetup module is not running :-(

Any ideas about a professional approach how to build a working cryptsetup module (on BT3) are appreciated very much!

Thank you!