Alright so here it is, my first post on here! I hope you guys will go easy on me, I'm still a newb to Linux in general and BT3 has caught my attention so much so that I am installing it in a Dual Boot Config on my notebook. I have a few questions but before I get started I'll give the specs to my machine:

Toshiba Satellite M35X-S1143
CPU: 1.4 Ghz Intel Celeron M
HDD: 40 GB Interal
OpD: CD/DVD Combo
Net 1: Atheros AR5005GS Wireless Network Adapter (Internal)
Net 2: Realtek Eithernet 10/100

Now that that's out of the way, I already gathered that BT3 has no installer, and you must install it directly from the command line, so I am figuring out how to do that. Now it's time for me to pose my first question.

How do I identify my wireless networking card and then how do I scan for wireless networks?

It's prudent to note here that I am primarily using my Wireless Network connection through a LinkSys Wireless B/G Router. The Router is set with a password and encryption, I believe WEP.

Once I have identified my Wireless Card; how do I connect to my Wireless Network and set this as my primary connection when I boot into BT3?

I know these are pretty much unadvanced and simple questions, I have been a Windows User for years and I just got fed up with it. So I have decided to take the plunge and use Linux, and for this I chose BT3. I'm a fairly competant computer guru and I will pick up what I can. I appreciate any help greatly anyone could give me here and I am thankful for it. Thank you all for stopping by to read my post.

Alright so I successfully installed BT3 from the LiveCD and I managed to properly configure Lilo to dual boot Windows XP and BT3. Now that that's settled I'm still trying to figure out how to use my wireless card to connect to the net. I've managed to get it to recognize my wireless chipset, with the right driver it even senses the wireless networks and I can create a profile based on my network. But it Will not connect for me, does anyone know how to fix this problem? I would appreciate any help I could get... Thanks for your time as always!