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Thread: No wireless on Macbook Pro 17"

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    I have been hearing kernel version 2.6.24 is problematic but if you are using the latest version it should be ok so long as you use b43.. which could be enabled in kernel config prior to building kernel image. This requires mac80211 stack and I think is much preferred over bcm43xx drivers.

    Their support channel, #bcm-users even prefers users to upgrade their kernel to the latest should they be using 4311.

    The catch is that you have to make sure that your lspci -n matches with their requirement as recently I have been seeing people who are confused with simple numbering problem of whats supposedly to be bcm4315 (no b43/bcm43xx support) was labelled as bcm4312 (partial support from b43, 2.4ghz only). So make sure that yours is 14e4:4311 (or whatever it is) for that matter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Barry View Post
    Most people wouldn't waste their money on a 17" MacBookPro(or Air). Unfortunately Mac folks are a minority. Mac folks using BackTrack are even more scarce. I'd check around on other linux forums to see if they got the wireless card working. You're most likely only going to get it to work with a ndis driver, which is useless for anything but web browsing with BackTrack.
    Hey I got backtrack running on a HDD install and I even have compiz running extremely well.

    To the OP, I wish I could help I am running a MacBook and I have no issues at all with the wireless drivers. I am currently using the Madwifi-ng drivers. If you need any help with other things let me know I will try to assist as much as possbile.

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