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Thread: BT3 not working with Lucent WaveLAN and Orinoco cards

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    Question BT3 not working with Lucent WaveLAN and Orinoco cards

    Hi guys,

    I've been playing around with BT3 and recently bought a dlink DWL-G122 that seems to work pretty well (despite limited range). I also fished out my older pcmcia Lucent WaveLAN Gold Turbo (PC24E-H-FC) and Lucent Orinoco Silver (PC24E-H-ET) as I was hoping to use a card with an antenna. Seems a few other ppl have had issues using these cards, although they're supposed to be quite reliable.

    For some reason these cards aren't assigned an interface.

    dmesg states
    pccard: PCMCIA card inserted into slot 0
    pcmcia: registering new device pcmcia0.0
    pccard info shows
    PRODID_1="Lucent Technologies"
    PRODID_3="Version 01.01"
    From what I understand these cards should be run by the orinoco_cs module? However when I type lsmod, that module doesn't appear. ifconfig and iwconfig don't see the cards.

    Is there something I'm missing?

    Any help would be appreciated!

    Thanks in advance.

    - BTracker

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    Just to clarify, I also have a Cisco AIR-PCM352 pcmcia card that is recognised and works correctly (eth1).

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    Orinoco drivers was excluded in BT3 Maybe somebody will tell you how to install it

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    Why would the orinoco drivers be left out? The Wavelan drivers are there, but they don't seem to have any effect when I plug in the cards.

    Anyone able to help out?


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    I also have Avaya branded PC24E-H-FC that I would like to get working.

    If anyone has one working with BT3 I would really appreciate instructions.

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    Default If you find it, let me know!

    Please, Please, Please-- if you figure this out post back here and tell what you did to get it running (word for word would be awesome)
    I have the wavelan-ieee silver that's been upgraded to 8.72 firmware and it refuses to work outside of bt2 final, so any help on this would be MUCH appreciated. Thanks

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    i thought it was replaced with the hostap drivers?

    your milage may vary however see this thread for all the work thus far

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    muts wrote

    * Installer - We didn't include one, stop whining.
    * Snort - Auto installs, has snortsam patches, can act as an IDS.
    * Karma-msf scripts -
    * Compiz in USB release.
    * Orinoco drivers excluded
    * Broadcom cards inject well now!
    * Several featured tools by SV - spoonwep, ezpwn, etc.
    * VMware Edition installed originally on VMware Server 1.0.6 - VMWare tools installed.
    * more updates to come...

    I have a Proxim Orinoco WD-8470 Gold card and from what I read it should have Atheros chipset and work very well with BT. I have no problem in BT2. I just do airmon-ng start wifi0 as it says in the wiki and airodump-ng and more works fine. But when I booted up BT3 usb version and also did airmon-ng start wifi0, airodump-ng ath1 did not find any networks. As muts said above Orinoco drivers excluded in BT3. Does this mean my WD-8470 will not work in BT3 although it has Atheros chipset? Is it just cards with Orinoco chipset that does not work? Why would drivers for WD-8470 be left out? It is a widely used card. What I have learned is that cards with Hermes chipset used Orinoco drivers so they wont work in BT3, but Atheros chipset as in WD-8470 should work.

    Edit: 2008-08-10
    I think Im gonna try to answer this my self. The Orinoco driver is used when you have a Hermes I chipset, this can be seen in the compability list at aircrack-ng homepage. And the list also says that this chipset does not support aireplay. So no wonder this driver has been removed in BT3. However other Proxim Orinoco cards like the WD-8470 use the Atheros chipset and is very well supported through the madwifi drivers.
    As for WD-8470 not working in BT3 must have been an user error since I got it to work now without doing anything

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