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Thread: need help : No screen found

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    Default need help : No screen found

    i boot bt3 live.after login i try to start startx but nothing happens. bt3 says no screen found. i also tray xconf command and other boot option but i cant open startx.
    (im not traying to instal backtrack i want to open it from cd)
    ati mobility radeon x1600
    intel core duo 1.86
    1gb ram

    (sorry for my english thanks)

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    You will probably need to customise the cd to include ati modules. I think there was ati.lzm file floating around however that too may also be outdated for your usage. It is best to go to ati website and get the linux drivers for backtrack, make the files make it into lzm module and then remaster the cd with the new lzm file.

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