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Thread: Metasploit + Cygwin + autopwn

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    Unhappy Metasploit + Cygwin + autopwn

    trying to make portable autopwn ...

    target is unpatched windows 2k PRO SP1 BASE install WITH IIS installed from CD

    but I can't get any attacks to work I tried TFTPD,IIS from CD and warftp 1.65 ... it seems to be launching the attacks but I never get a session ?? here is what I have so far ..

    * it goes to launch attacks on the OS and just sits there see msfconsole output below ..
    * the "unable to open database file: UPDATE" I think is the problem ???
    what can I install for a sure fire autopwn session ?
    * I get this using db_nmap
    db_nmap -sT[*] exec: "/usr/bin/nmap" "-sT" "" "-oX" "/cygdrive/c/Users/operat0r/AppData/Local/Temp/dbnmap20080627-2180-16rxahn-0"
    Failed to open XML output file /cygdrive/c/Users/operat0r/AppData/Local/Temp/dbnmap20080627-2180-16rxahn-0 for writing

    * download Cygwin and add the following
    	-svn ( subversion )
    * download nmap.exe and place in bin folder for Cygwin 
    * download sqlite
    	-./configure;make;make install ( you know the drill .. )
    * download and install rubygems
    	- ruby setup.rb
    * download the gem file for 
    * gem install activerecord-2.1.0.gem
    * gem isntall sqlite3-ruby-1.2.2.gem
    * make sure you have gem setup right ... 
    * gem list --local
    msf > gem list --local[*] exec: gem list --local
    *** LOCAL GEMS ***
    activerecord (2.1.0)
    activesupport (2.1.0)
    sqlite3-ruby (1.2.2)
    load db_sqlite3
    db_destroy  test
    db_create test
    # nmap -sT -oX nmap.xml -p 139,445 ( example )
    db_import_nmap_xml nmap.xml
    db_autopwn -t -p -e
    sesstions -l
    output of msf..
    msf > load db_sqlite3
    #[*] Successfully loaded plugin: db_sqlite3
    msf > db_destroy  test
    msf > db_create test
    #[*] Creating a new database instance...
    #[*] Successfully connected to the database
    #[*] File: test
    msf >
    msf > db_import_nmap_xml nmap.xml
    [-] Error while running command db_import_nmap_xml: SQLite3::SQLException: unable to open database file: UPDATE "services" SET "name" = 'ftp' WHERE "id" = 1

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    well hmm ... under what plataform are you trying to run it in . i was able to run auto_pwn in my psp with CFW 3.40OE-A

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