First I would like to thank balding_parrot for his tutorial on how to install bt2 to a usb hdd, without it I would have never had the creative thinking and unconventional means to make my bt3 install to hdd from my usb stick possible..

1.follow balding parrots tutorial precisely(remembering to create a folder named changes on your changes partition.)

2.boot into paragon partition manager live cd…. A 30 day trial version can be downloaded, also you can use hiren’s 9.5 boot cd, it already has paragon pt manager 7.0 on it.

3 partition your hdd with swap(optional) and a changes partition, leaving enough unpartitioned space at the beginning of the hdd to install bt3, 2g’s is plenty

4. copy your fat32 partition with bt3 on it, from your usb stick to the unpartitioned space at the beginning of the disk..

5. remove paragon pt manager disk, and boot from your live usb, or your live cd, and on the changes partition of your hdd your going to want to create a folder naming it “changes”

6. go to your fat32 partition and open up the syslinux.cfg that you had previously changed in balding parrots tutorial. And change the ***changes=/dev/sda3*** to changes=/dev/hda3,

7.reboot and enjoy

now you’ve got a bootable, savable bt3 on your hdd, with swap if you made that option..