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Thread: I can not get key with Atheros AR500-7EG (backtrack)

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    Default I can not get key with Atheros AR500-7EG (backtrack)

    Hello friends

    I write to see if someone can help me to know what is the error or if I need to execute any command more, to capture packets not give me the capture, I use the backtrack 3

    Here I use the commands

    1. iwconfig

    2. airmon-ng start ath0

    3. airmon-ng stop ath0

    4. airmon-ng start wifi0

    5. airodump-ng -w captura ath0

    6. wesside-ng -i ath0 -v mm:mm:mm:mm:mm:mm (mac attack so you can find the key automatically)

    I hope someone can help me to know that more is needed or whether any of the command that I use this bad, I would be very grateful


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    I have personally never used wesside-ng, but i do not believe that you have tu run airodump-ng alongside it.

    You might want to take a look at one of the many thorough tutorials there are on cracking WEP int the tutorials section on this forum, as it does seem like you are quite unfamiliar with the whole process.
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    Are you using Back|Track 3 final?

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    heres a preview video of bt3 that shows wep cracking with wesside-ng its about 2 mins 10 secs in..

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    A lot of help for aircrack-ng here.
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