so i found this thread, ( which I think was closed a little hasty just because he didn't read anything about the installer..

-metasploit wont update due to a missing config file (i have ran setup install) however it appears that its not communicating correctly across the board as it crashes out saying that I need to run setup.

** however I have found a work around for this, dont accept the "default" by pressing enter at setup install, you must put in the directory for meta the instructions are a little confusing (at least for me) indicating that if you hit enter the default of /pentest/meta would be accepted this will resolve that issue

some other issues found with f-t 3.0

-setup install has a hang up on the Resolving looks like that server is either not serving any more or it just got overloaded getting a no permission for content.

-sh: ./update-milw0rm: No such file or directory when you try to update milworm

-W3AF gives error 'is already a working copy for a different URL'