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Thread: Install BT3 to EEE PC Solid State Disk

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    So if i just got the Eee 160Gb of HD i can use this method as well i guess. U guys think i should leave windows xp on it and dual boot? or just use bt3 all the way in??? thanks =)

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    Just got my EEE (900a 4gb SSD, atom proc) a few days ago! I'm loving it, but when I tried to do this install I got an error and OS on the SSD now. lol

    So when I went to cp --preserve -R all the files..

    It says
    "cp: writing '/mnt/backtrack/opt/leo/src/leocolor.pyc': No space left on device"

    and it says it for every file after that.

    Is this my thumbdrive that is out of space? Because this happened on an 8gb and a 2gb thumbdrive I have.

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