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Thread: COMPIZ weirdness

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    Default COMPIZ weirdness

    Ok so when i start up BT3 the default loading has pixelated text and for the first 15 secs of BT3 being loaded it has pixelated icons but then resets and its fine... I noticed that when i remove cubez from autoexec it works just fine.

    Is there a way to fix this?
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    In the wiki -PrairieFire wrote:

    bt ~ # nvidia-xconfig --add-argb-glx-visuals
    bt ~ # nvidia-xconfig -d 24
    Ctrl + Alt + Backspace

    After the restart BT3, is usable since you will have the title bars are able to resize and move your windows.

    However, I have a NVIDIA card on my Toshiba Laptop and I have to
    type these commands every time I boot.

    Hopefully, someone will post complete one time details to resolve this, please.

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    thanks for the info Ive been using the bt3final but todayi burnt the bt3final usb and i put it in the trash because i was having the same problems with the title bars not being able to resize and also i couldent type anything on the web i cant type on web pages... ill try this and hope it works..

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