Hello, all.
This is for users who 1) are using BackTrack in a read-write mode (ie. hard disk installation), 2) use fluxbox for the window manager, and 3) have clicked the "Regen Menu" option from the fluxbox menu or want to get the default fluxbox menu from BackTrack 3 back.

I've seen the "Regen Menu" option on the fluxbox menu before, and today, I figured I'd click on it to see what it did. Turns out, it gets rid of the default backtrack menu, and generates a new one out of the installed programs it happens to find. Of course, I didn't realize this at first; all I knew was that my nice BT menu was gone, and I couldn't seem to get it back.

For those of you who have done the same thing, here is the fix (it's really, quite easy):
1) Boot from the BackTrack 3 live cd.
2) Copy menu from the cd to your hard drive (or usb or other) installation, using a command similar to :
cp /root/.fluxbox/menu /mnt/hda3/root/.fluxbox
3) Reboot back to your hard drive installation. (Don't forget to eject the cd.)

Hope somebody will find this useful.

PS: Special thanks to Pureh@te, [s3th], and brigante for making the fluxbox menu more conforming to the KDE menu in this release. (The fluxbox menu in earlier versions was missing a few things that were on the KDE menu.)