I'm having trouble cracking a Windows XP pro password. That is because I can not find the correct account that I am looking to crack. When I use the backtrack live cd and run bkhive and then samdump2, the usernames that it finds are not the one that I am looking for. I think this is because the username that I am trying to crack is not stored in that SAM file because they do not log into a different domain or workgroup at startup. What I mean by domain or workgroup is the "log on to:" field at the startup screen. There is several different choices in the pull down menu one of which is followed by "(this computer)". I think that is the one that I cracked the passwords for. Even though when i put in those usernames and passwords with that log in chosen, none worked.

If any one has any ideas of how Windows XP pro works and were the usernames for the different "log on to:" fields are stored please let me know.