I have an ASUS F3K-E notebook.
I have tried all the options on Backtrack 3 FINAL but no matter what i do i get black screen and and the boot hangs up.

Is there a way to try your distro on my notebook?
Can i supply you with info so my notebook is supported?

Why i cannot post in the correct forums.... i have rights only in the newbie section?

Sorry for my bad English

It shows me the boot loader. And the first 2 lines. Then when it's time to see which services are loading i get a black screen and that's it....(even after 5-10 mins of waiting).
With VMWare everything is fine, but i have to use a usb wlan... not very practical. (Mine usb wifi gets very bad reseption, and i don't feel like adding and externel antena to it.... It's to hot here to do some soldering)