Ok, well I have the BT3 livecd and when i boot to it i has this cool border while the scrolling text of it loading the hardware etc. is and then the login screen also has the same border... well after i have installed it that goes away... how to i get it back?!

Ive tried searching for this but ive only come up with how to install the splash lilo screen instead of the loading stuff. But if this question has been answered before please point me in the right direction!!


So I've just been playing with it and i noticed that once i added the line "initrd /boot/initrd.gz" to my menu.lst. When i did this it got to an error about needing to have the BT3 folder. So i wiped the drive and just copied everything from the livecd over... then it couldnt start because it still wasnt able to find the BT3 folder and it said something about it wont work if the device is scsi. Which i have a laptop. Is there anyway i can edit this?! or am i troubleshooting the wrong way?