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Thread: asus eee 900hd

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    Default asus eee 900hd

    working fine all hardware

    Udate: by request will get a pic up soon

    processor = 900 mhz intel atom
    ram = 1 gig
    wifi = rt8187se
    phone tether = htc droid eris with azilink app and openvpn to connect to allow full internet connection rather than just firefox with tetherbot app.

    some settings menus are too long so the apply button is hidden but hit the tab button with trial and error you'll hit it.

    pretty much it's a netbook so don't expect te most powerful machine but it's a nice proof of concept

    hoppfully back track will fix the menu problem with 1024x600 screens cause it's the only drawback from what is a great distro
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    Default Re: asus eee 900hd

    Quote Originally Posted by rigamrts View Post
    working fine all hardware
    Seems like a very small post. You could add some more information, like important specs (processor, memory, wireless chipset,...), or even include a picture so people can see what it's like. Just my 2 cents.

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