Yesterday I downloaded the latest BT3 Final for USB.
I opened and extracted the 783Mb file to my freshly formatted (FAT16)USB stick using winrar in WinXP, and ran the small bat file to make the USB stick bootable. The USB stick is 2GB,so should be large enough.

It all works fine, but I noted my version came without apt-get, slapt-get, or any graphical package manager.
Could I've done something bad?

I downloaded the .tar files of slapt-get and slackpkg.

Unpacked them by using tar xvfz tarfilename.tgz
then I entered the directory, and just as the install doc says use the command 'make'
However I get an error saying:
"make: *** No targets specified and no makefile found. Stop."
in both directories.

If I go on and type "make install",I get:
make: Nothing to be done for `install'.

I don't know what I did wrong.
I also tried ./configure just in case, and get:
"-sh: ./configure: No such file or directory"

I kind of ran out of ideas...

Please help!

Thank you!