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Thread: BT3 Final on eeepc 900 (wifi issue)

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    Default BT3 Final on eeepc 900 (wifi issue)

    hello everyone,
    it was some time i had my eyes on this distro so as soon as the final version have been released i downloaded it and installed on my usb pendrive, all went fine then i booted it and i noticed some key features were not working on this little toy (the eeepc).
    maybe someone of you have noticed my very same issues so i ask here in the support forum, i guess is the best place to get some answer
    first of all i noticed that the atheros wifi card is not recognized, maybe anyone know how to fix this, doing a iwconfig it gives me this infos:

    lo no wireless extensions
    eth0 no wireless extensions

    the Fn + f2 key does not work at all to activate the wifi device

    then i noticed the firefox haven't the flash player installed by default wich (imo) is a big issue being a live cd wich is meant to not save your config changes when u have to boot but in the end i can live without it this is just a small issue in this distro wich imo is amazing.

    then i got a very little suggestion to the authors of this distro: an installation via gui would be a great improvement cause many security workers (like me) would like to use this piece of diamond on their work machine (in my case my eeepc) and a little more user friendly installation for a permanent isntallation would put this distro on the edge and not being only a wardriving oriented os.

    that's all folks, in the end if was not for this little issues i would say this distro is perfect, you guys did an awesome job putting everything togheter and working and you deserve my congratulations.

    Rizla (italy)

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    Default eeepc

    you need to enable your wifi card from the bios first, hit F2 while at the bios screen and go ahead and turn all of the on board devices on so they will be detected. then F10 to save changes and the system should reboot, when you finally get BT3 booted, ifconfig should list both ath0 and wifi0 if it doesn't then ifconfig ath0 up will fix that, hot keys for the most part don't natively work in BT save for the screen brightness and external monitor on my eeepc, hope this helps
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