Hello everyone, first post here, have a few questions.

I have the doomed bcm43xx card that seems to be hit or miss for everyone

I am looking to buy a new card to slip in to the laptop but I only have an ExpressCard slot, I could buy a usb one but I am trying to find one that has a lower profile

Looking for one that hopefully has the Atheros chipset or another one that would be highly supported, has a connection for an external antenna if I am trying to reach an ap of mine farther away.

after looking around I found the Ubiquiti SRX 300mW 802.11G/B/A Wireless Card for Express Card Slot but that seems a little too pricey at the moment,

Anyone know of any compatible cards that might be at least under 100$ and be expresscard and have a hookup for external antenna??

also a side note, the HCL:wireless list on btwiki doesnt have a section for ExpressCards that I could find, is that because not many cards are out for express card??

Any input welcome, should i just suck it up and overlook my OCD and just get a USB dongle?

Thanks -mkrusen