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Thread: Share interesting SSIDs here

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    Quote Originally Posted by streaker69 View Post
    87.3% of all statistics are made up, 63.6% of all people know that.
    5 out of 4 people don't know how statistics work.
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    zero-wifi; [WEP]
    wassupgee; [WEP]
    MCP Admin Only; [WEP]
    punchjoseph; [WEP]
    anoos; [WEP]
    farken; [WPA]
    ****aluckadingdong; [WPA]
    Yu-Gi-Oh!; [WEP]
    Sandra internet, dont steal pick; [WEP]
    TeamGayed ; [WEP]
    new ass hole(same pw as before); [WEP]
    secured; [WEP]
    Blow me hacked; [OPN]
    Secure; [WEP]
    crumpwtf; [OPN]
    KGB-Security; [WEP]
    VirusUnlimited; [WEP]
    Penis; [WEP]
    Broadbeach-****ers; [WPA]
    eatmyass; [WEP]
    smelly; [WEP]
    U_Need_Woolies_Written_OK_to_Use; [???]
    Untitled; [OPN]
    Counter-Strike; [OPN]
    Face Hole; [OPN]
    SillyBoy; [OPN]
    prayer; [OPN]
    MeowCow; [WEP]
    DohNo; [WEP]
    mal **** ass; [WEP]
    mine dont touch; [WEP]
    trojanvirus; [WEP]
    BarkingToad; [WEP]
    ph_<realnumber>_to_get_access; [WPA]
    supersmart; [WEP]
    Shitwifi; [OPN]

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    STEAL MY INTERNET AGAIN YOU DIE (was open, ssid:linksys, now is wpa)
    from downtown, Toronto:
    where company = company's name that i do not remember anyway:
    company-DATA (wep)
    company-VOIP (wep)
    company-INTERNET (wep)
    (all the above, from the same company, how smart...)
    hiddenssid (wep)
    nossid (wep)
    20cm (wpa)
    its all about the THING (wpa)
    thewireless (wep)
    Master_Chief (wpa)
    Coozbach (wep)
    -Google is watching you

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    wepis00000 [wep] <--
    12345 [wep] <--- My guess would be the WEP was: 12345 or 67890!
    haxxproof [opn] <-- Guess they *think* mac filtering is the answer to it all?

    Took my laptop laptop to a mates to fix his desktop once, ask him for the wifi key - it was 16 zero! I laugh.
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    There can't really be a piece of electronics on earth which is vital to preserving human life, which relies on having a particular frequency band free -- especially a frequency band which is used in many other countries for stuff as mundane as wifi.

    I mean c'mon, if I had a heart-keep-beating device, the last thing I'd want is for it to rely on having a certain transmission frequency free... let alone a transmission frequency that can be used by an everyday piece of equipment such as an access point.

    If somebody were actually to prematurely die because of somebody setting their access point incorrectly, I'd have to blame the people who were stupid enough to make a life-preserving device rely on wireless.
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    Quote Originally Posted by g0tmi1k View Post
    haxxproof [opn] <-- Guess they *think* mac filtering is the answer to it all?
    Take a look at the schmoo video from Zero .. secnet 11 is based like this ... and lol its daaamn close to being hackproof.

    Caught a cop outside my work accessing a wifi network with the laptop in the squad car ... he said most every cop does it just to check there e-mail when the night is slow ... whatever retard left the wifi enabled needs to be shot. L.E.A.D's anyone?

    The hospital is on wep, the local collage accounting office is on wep, 75% of my entire city it seems is either open or using wep. I can drive through downtown and almost nothing is using WPA. In fact the only places i really have ever seen WPA is at random peoples house's.
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    Here are a few I have found right from my house:

    somethingclever - well, i guess it is...
    Justin,StopStealingWiFi - good thing I'm not Justin
    PrivateWiFiAcess - yes, they spelt access wrong, and yes, it is open...
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