I'm new here, did some searching on the forums, but couldn't find the minimum requirements for running the BackTrack KDE desktop in Sun's Virtual Box.

Setting the ram to 512MB, and videomemory to 64MB seems sufficient; though when I decrease the videomemory to 32MB of Vid mem,and I seem to get issues running KDE. I haven't tested out all possibilities, but I would like to know the minimum specs of KDE,meaning:

-Video Mem

Likementioned, I would like to run backtrack in a window in Windows (using Virtual box).

Thank you!

*Edit: I found 640x480 to be the minimum supported resolution;
/usr/src/linux/Documentation/fb/vesafb.txt tells me to change in the bootmenu the vga to 'vga=0,111',but KDE still reverts back to 1024x768 (I tried changing the screen resolution to 640x480 in the system settings.. though unsuccessfully). Any help will be appreciated; thank you!*

*Edit 2: I found VMWARE did the trick better then Virtual Box, and mostly automatic!
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