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That's odd. I've been exposed to EMF for a long time and I don't recall time travel either.
Yeah I know, it's all fiction. It's apart of the storyline with ABCs 'Lost', apparently EMF can make people get visions of the future. Odd, very! lol, complete BS as you know.

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The yagi should already be water resistant. Make sure the weep holes are pointed down. Put a drip loop at each end of your coax run. One before it attaches to the yagi, and one before it comes into your house. Should be fine. Pick up some coax water proofing tape at home depot, or your equivalent store, and tape up the outside connectors.
Thanks Barry, yeah the 2 weep holes are on the underside, I will take a visit to Maplin Electronics [UK equivalent] to pick up some coax water proofing tape. Thanks for the advice