Hi all me again, I have a few questions regarding wifi antennas and signal boosters.

Ok, Im planning on buying one but not really sure on which to get. I did some research and I think omni directional is the one for me, but then again I can be wrong lol. Ok now with signal booster, do they even work? If so, which one is best? For the time being, I have my eyes set on the Aerial 12 dbi omni directional antenna. Has any body ever used this antenna before? For the booster, I was going to buy the Hawkins HSB2 high gain booster. I have been reading lots of feed back regarding the booster and it seems abit iffy. 50% is good, 50% is bad, lol.

Iím planning on boosting the signal for my alfa 500mW and Iím open for suggestions

Thanks for stopping by.