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Thread: How to ssh Backtrack Box

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    Unhappy How to ssh Backtrack Box

    Hi Geeks,

    I am new to Backtrack. My issue is I could not able to ssh by backtrack box within my home network. I connected 2 Linux boxes (Fedora and Backtrack) back-to-back with cross cables. If I try to ssh my backtrack box I am getting "reset by peer" error.

    I am wandering is this because of tight firewall security given by backtrack as built in function. Since, I am very new to firewall rules config. I could not able to track the issue. Through tcpdump I can see Backtrack is sending reset packets. Expecting good suggestions from your side.


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    did you creat the keys on backtrack?


    and did you start the ssh dameon?

    /etc/init.d/ssh start

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    BackTrack does not implement a firewall by default, and when firewall rules are enabled on a Linux system the usual response to unauthorised TCP connection attempts is to DROP the connection (send no response to an incoming SYN connection attempt), as opposed to REJECT-ing the connection which would sent the RST.

    TCP RST packets usually indicate that a server is not listening on the port you are trying to connect to - this is actually the correct response as per the RFC for when connection TCP connection attempts are made to a closed (not listening) port.

    So - did you start the ssh server? Have you confirmed that it is running and listening on the correct port (tcp/22)?

    Just so Im not completely spoonfeeding you I will let you find the commands to check this on your own.

    EDIT: Actually pureh@te just mentioned the needed commands to start the server in his post above.
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