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Thread: pointer need BT3Beta > bt3 final changes tree

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    Default pointer need BT3Beta > bt3 final changes tree

    ive got a install with backtrack 3 usb beta and a changes folder now that backtrack 3 final is here i need to update my setup i figure that

    1 wipe the bt and boot folder from my beta copy
    1.5 copy over the new bt and boot folders
    2 remove everything from the changes folder but the home directory
    3 reenable changes

    should work and have the lowest chance of borking things up any wisdom from the Great Old ones? (will be doing 1 and 1.5 now)

    oh btw What kind of Moron would connect a computer with BT directly to CPE
    (not have a router between you and "The World")?

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    I blew away everything. I guess you could try it and see. If it doesn't work just wipe out everything in the changes folder.
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