First of all i wanted to thank for such a great thing as backtrack is that let me know how easy was to get into my wireless network and how easy is to break my windows password.

After learning the WEP/WPA breaking and some minor things I was trying to understand the exploit attacks. After watching some of pureh@te's videos I've realized that fast-track should be most easy to use. Well I was sadly mistaken coz it doesn't work for me. All the testing I was making at my private WLAN on my own and family computers + one try on friend's LAN with his allowance. The thing is after I shut down the firewalls nmap finds plenty of interesting ports open. Thus i launch fast-track with updated metasploit, autopwn option and sqlite 3 and it finds sometimes even around 100 possibilities (while I found on the pureh@te's movie it was i think 27 and after that he had few shells) but it goes all [-]exploit failed no matter how many of them he finds and on the end i have always 0 shells. All the machines are running with winXP with different updates. One system has not been updates for ages and it still doesnt work for me. I would just like to know if it's my bad luck or my lack of knowledge (I believe so). Could you please post me the links I should read in this case?

I know my both pentesting and English knowledge is extremely weak but that's why I'm posting on Newbie Area

Thanks in advance