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Thread: Getting the rt73 driver to work in BT3final

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    Quote Originally Posted by -=THX=- View Post
    I still cant get it working.
    After tipping "dhcpcd rausb0", it does something and then stops.
    Nothing happens.

    Don't get me wrong I'm working for hours on this small problem, but I can't get it fixed. I'm getting frustrated...
    same for me! bought the Linksys WUSB54GC because in HCL "Everything works out of the BT3 box!"....but nothing works on my HP 6720s Notebook.

    After "dhcpcd rausb0", the system hangs and then rausb0 is down.
    Seems (kwlan shows "connected") I can connect to the AP, but the card doesn´t get an IP nor DNS is functioning. Even with a fixed IP I can´t ping a host.

    Every help is welcome!

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    Just burned his ISO
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    May 2006


    my last try the thread "How To Use New Enhanced features Of rt73 chipset and WPA_Supplicant Issues Fixed "

    ...seems all works fine, link led is blinking:

    Connected to: Hidden
    Link Quality 0/100 ---->

    nameserver is my router, like on other wlan interfaces under windows, IP is given, but I can´t PING my AP nor do any name resolutions!

    I´m wondering why iwconfig shows:
    Encryption key: off
    Link Quality: 0/100

    And my AP shows no available stations list, so I´m not connected! But what is wrong?

    --> event history:

    Association request to the driver failed
    Authentication with 00:00:00:00:00:00 timed out #------> oha, no MAC? hm...please shed some light on me!
    Trying to associate with SSID 'blabla'

    Doing it with kwlan - scanning - add security settings --> "failed to save the wpa_supplicant configuration!!

    it´s frustrating! :-(

    last try for today: cp the wpa_supplicant.conf example to /etc and added my network {..}. kwlan says
    "failed to parse the conf-file in /etc...:"

    who can help?

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