So, while trying to write an automated script for the Aircrack-ng suite, a friend of mine decided to, when I was almost done, mention ""

I pop in my ALFA, my Ubiquiti, ifup my ipw2200. It sees both the Ubiquiti and the ip2200. What it doesn't see if my ALFA. This is because in the script it 'detects' the wifi enabled interfaces by doing an iwconfig and greping for ESSID, then extrapolating the first variable of the line, the interface designation.

This works fine and dandy unless for some reason your driver doesn't have ESSID on the first line, like my ALFA. Here is the first part of the original code: (LINE 77)
INTERFACES=`iwconfig | grep ESSID | awk '{print $1}' <snip>
Here is what I changed it to: (LINE 77)
INTERFACES=`iwconfig | grep -e ESSID -e 802 | awk '{print $1}' <snip>
After some research on different cards I determined that you can't just take out ESSID as some cards didn't have 802 on the main line, but every one of them had at least one of the two.

So it's nothing special, and hardly a master hack, but well worth noting.