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Thread: To all vista users

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    Default To all vista users

    Just so you know im a time warner tech.

    While I was having a nice long sit down. I was reading thru some of the junk mail, my wife leaves next to the toilet (I love her), I come across this flyer from time warner. Advertising one of there new plans $89.95 for all 3. Well as I always do I read the fine print. Well I just found out something I dident know. (TWC Supervisor here) it goes like this

    "Not all Road Runner products and services are available to customers using the Microsoft® Windows Vista™ operating system. Windows Vista™ is either a registered trademark or trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. © 2007 Time Warner Cable Inc. All other corporate brands and logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies"

    So now im woundering what this realy means..........
    So I call my buddy in the IT department aka tech suport, and ask him.
    Well come to find out that TWC unofficially does not suport Vista.
    That the powers that be say "It is to unstable and does not work properly"
    The IT guys were instructed to try and help the customer but never to set up a truck roll for customers with Vista.

    The only OS the TWC will suport is windows 98,2000,ME,XP, and Linux base
    (No I did not for get Mac).

    Which everyone in anykind of IT field know what Vista is, and the problems
    associated with it. Just found it amazing that such a big corp would to.

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    I've been using Vista x64 at home for 2 years, and Vista 32bit at work for six months. I've never had a problem with it. From a security perspective, its secure. Granted, its bloated, but if you have newer hardware, you wont notice a slowdown.

    Time Warner should update their scripts for Tech Support. Even tech support monkeys can learn something new once and awhile. (With the exception of the poster, who is not a monkey).


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    I use Vista at work for a while now and have no problems.
    Since Vista is the main OS installed on all the new machines I somehow think TWC is not being right or reasonable ( i have the all in one package at home from TWC).

    Also TWC seems to be testing going away from unlimited usage etc. (the test in Texas), if they try to force that on me ... Verizon here I come!!!!


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    I have used Time Warner's Road Runner internet service in Texas and never had any problems.
    After clicking the link above and doing a bit of research one can find that it is not the ISP that does not provide support for Vista but rather the third party applications that they offer that does not support Vista.
    Through extensive testing, the Road Runner technical support teams have determined that the Road Runner service and portal ( operate properly within Microsoft® Windows Vista™operating system , some applications (third party or outsourced application development) have encountered compatibility issues that are currently being addressed.

    The following Road Runner service features are not currently supported with Windows Vista operating system. However, Windows Vista includes integrated functionality you can use to project you and your family's privacy until we have new or updated products available.

    This link gives a listing of apps that are either supported "fully, partially or not " at all.
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