First I would like to say that I love backtrack and everything it stands for, and thanks to the dev team for all the hard work that they put it.

My problem is booting BT first thing i had to do is push the power button in order to get it to continue to boot. After that I got stop at fd0 is 1.44M. So what i did was I booted into BT from VM and mounted sda2 were i did cp -preserve -R {blah, blah} were i then chroot downloaded the new kernel and compiled it, this work to boot sda2 without any error, after setting up grub, but i couldn't start X. I then though about moving the new kernel to the live usb but I get a error about aufs no mounting, not by computer now to see what it is but I know it is aufs. Anyone have any idea on how to get backtrack to boot on a HP Pavilion 2807.