Stumbled across the version of linux tonight and im excited to check it out. But im having some issues, I had the .iso put onto my usb drive everything worked fine booted etc then I selected the Live option so I could check it out without installing to the HDD. It goes through and then gives me a PCI:BIOS Bug #b1[00000031] found. It still continues to load after it displays that I get to the command area and try typing in root hit enter says root program isnt installed type such and such command to install it. So I then type login hit enter. Then it asks for the login so I type root and then for the password toor says its incorrect tried that multiple times. After that I type startx something happens loads to a white screen and I hear some kind of startup sound and it just sits at the white screen. What am I doing wrong so I can get this running? Ive also just now tried burning the iso to dvd does the same thing. Thanks.