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Thread: Need help for a Digital Forensics job interview

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    Default Need help for a Digital Forensics job interview

    Basically tomorrow I have an interview for a placement year whilst at Uni.

    It's in the Forensic Computing sector.
    This is my first IT related job interview.

    What sort of "technical" questions seem to be the norm, to be asked by the interviewer in these situations?
    As I'm obviously nervous, so would like to be as prepared as I can possibly be

    Thank you

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    I have posted it before, but I would say check out the dice job forums

    They are taylored for questions like this.

    As for advice here, give some more details about the job. Is it a part time position/internship? a co-op? computer forensics is a vast field. what exactly are the duties of the job you are interviewing for? is this a private sector, government, or contract job?

    My generic advice is if you have any security/forensics related class notes/books from school, study those so that you can show you know the basics and that you have the ability to learn. Most of the time, for entry level jobs, they aren't expecting much, but if you show them you have potential, that is a definate plus.
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    It's what we in the UK call an Industrial Placement Year which is a year in work in your relevant field at the end of the second year of the degree for the year which then leads onto the final third year - therefore a 4 year Degree.

    The placement is with a digital forensics company who deal mainly with PCs and Mobiles from a defence perspective ie. contracted from defence lawyers.
    All day I've been re-reading and re-researching anything I can that I deem to be relevant, that I have covered on my course (Forensic Computing) and anything else.
    It's just daunting with it being my first IT interview. Plus from researching this Company I believe it will be a very worthwhile placement experience wise.

    Thanks for the link too mate

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