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Thread: BackTrack 3 Final - Release Information

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    Default ATI and Compiz?

    Any words if ATI drivers and support will be built-in in this release so that we can have compiz working "out-of-the-box" with BT3??

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    Default ATI support compiz BT3


    Compiz works great with nvidia proprietary drivers and Intel opensource drivers. With ATI it's a pita, unless the card is supported by opensource drivers (older ones).
    We don't intend to go as far as to support every type of ATI card, since they have the bad habit of changing driver support with releases etc... This would mean we would have to extensively script for each type of card and include different sets of proprietary drivers etc...
    For now, we support MESA opensource drivers, and Nvidia. If ATI comes up with a driver that works for all of their cards...the story would be different. Compiz itself (see their site) doesn't really recommend ATI as well.



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