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Thread: Install backtrack after windows

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    Default Install backtrack after windows

    hi folks, i have windows xp, if i install backtrack on a partition, will i able to run windows?

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    If you aren't familiar with Linux or dual/multi booting in general, I would suggest running from livecd or a USB memory stick based boot.

    But anyway, some very quick and simple research would have already answered your question...............

    Yes, you can run multiple OS's on one PC, via a "boot loader" or "boot manager"
    This, in very basic terms, steps in at boot time and points to the chosen OS's partition as the one to boot from.
    Look up "Lilo" & "Grub" - the most common Linux boot managers.
    Look up "chainloading" or "chainloader" for loading one boot manager directly from another.

    If you want to run multiple OS's simultaneously, look at the various "virtualisation environments" available.
    One of the most popular commercial ones is VMware Worksation. They also have some free products available, like VMplayer and VMware Server.
    There are quite a few others also, such as VirtualBox, Xen, Virtual PC, etc.

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