First of all Hello!

A new laptop, new Back|Track 4...needless to say I am in heaven. I decided to practice using Ettercap while connected to my network to see if I could sniff logins or at the very least use the browser plug-in to follow browser pages. I select my D-Link router as target 1 and my desktop pc as target two (Connected directly through LAN) Using unified sniffing with the browser plug-in enabled I activate Mitm Arp Posion and start sniffing...

Now occasionally some information will come down but nothing of any interest and certainly no login information or browser visits despite logging in to several locations on my personal computer. When I use the plugin that tests if there is any poisoning going returns a big negative.

So if your still with me I appreciate it and have a couple questions!

1.) Am I using Ettercap correctly? If so, what could interfere with a proper MITM Arp Poison attack?

2.) If a network has more than one router do I set both or more routers for "Target 1" ? and all clients as "Target 2" ?

3.) Finally...I wanted to make sure my laptop was not responsible for any flakey Back | Track performance. How can I test to make sure my wireless chip is fully capable of packet injection? (Dv7-1245dx)

Thank-you for any help your willing to provide! Have a fantastic day