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Thread: BrackTrack BETA 3 Boot Screen Issue

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    Unhappy BrackTrack BETA 3 Boot Screen Issue


    I just download - bt3b141207.iso , from backtrack site link, and burn it, at the lowest speed, as a read on a post, anyway...

    1 - Changed the setting in the BIOS - CDROM Boots 1

    2 - Its load up to the Boot Screen, were its gives you the different GUI options..

    3 - Once I try to select either one, its its goes blank... I wait and wait and nothing, I've tried Av - normal anf off but still nothing

    What could doing this and how do I solve this...

    Any help would be greatfull...

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    try one or all of the cheat codes. acpi is one candidate


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    What about some hardware details and stuff mate?

    Have you checked your hardware against the HCL (Hardware compatibility list) on the wiki?

    It could be (Although I'm only going from personal exp!) an unsupported video driver. Do you use Graphics or on-board? Desktop or laptop? Just stick it all in your specs and I will get back ASAP

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    okay okay

    I short off got something...
    I went to the shop today and saw, a 8cm DVD+RW ...

    You know those little DVD disk...

    I decide to try loading BT 3 BETA on it, just because the DVD disk 1.4GB , it so small it fits in the pocket of my shirt, and it fast on BT2...

    I Copied the Image to the DVD --- 2.4 mb per minute, and to my suprize the dam DVD disk loaded....

    Go figure...

    But I got another problem:

    I get to the lines....

    isap: " Can't Remember Sorry "
    isap: No plug & Play Device
    Real Time Clock V1.2 Drivers
    Serial:8250?16550 Driver $Revision: 190$ 4 ports, IRQ Sharing Enable

    It stop their can't get past it.....
    Any Ideas?

    Thankx Pureline & Niiwii for your input much apreciated...

    I have a Acer 7520 AMD 64x2 TL-60
    2 GB DDR2
    802.11b/g WLAN ( Atheros AR5007EG Tamosoft )
    ATI 1250 Express 128mb ( up to 896 MB )
    160 GB Hardrive

    In BT 2 I can't get it to detect the Pci_Express AR5007EG

    Any how if anyone can help please do...

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    I got same problem I think.

    I can enter wirh noapic acpi=off cheats... but my card AR5007EG isnt working! =/

    Any idea?


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    AR5007EG seem to be such a populer car, thats why i don't understand why BT2 or BT3 don't support it, I can understand the generic one, but the Tamosoft one is another issue all together about 65% of all the acer are using it and toshibas, so can't see it being such a rubish card...

    I've also tried intalling patches - Drivers....

    But at the end it just usuless... as soon as you reboot it becomes useless...

    I think someone shouldjust make a turitorial for all the noobs...

    basicly a list of commonds to get u on a quick start...

    another thing make it automaticly save the setting... why must a user sit and save stuff every time --- Change1.lzm , change2.lzm... Its just not practical...

    Please I do not mean to offende anyone, i do know it takes hours of coding to get stuff working, and i'm gratefull to all the people who helped design the program, it does make thing much simpler than installing all the programs your self and ect, at the moment as a noob my self i find it hard... and i probely speak for most people...

    But because we a have a erge to learn we try hard to adapt...
    in the end.. its fustrative... and we end up giving up...

    I know everyones posting stuff for noobs but half the time im think....
    U'hm English please... as a windows person or even a mac ... linux is totaly chinesse...

    basicly what im asking could someone please just give us a hand with this dam AR5007EG...

    its like criptonight.. to BT

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    i found something - that may help all us noobs...
    Its worth a check...

    w w w . s l a x . o r g / d o c u m e n t a t i o n . p h p
    basic from my underdanting Bt build on Slax, so it may help understand BT...

    Any other help on AR5007EG Tomosoft

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