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Thread: Help creating a custom access point

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    Default Help creating a custom access point

    I do hope it is ok to post this here.

    OK so I have an EEE PC 900 (that has a nice Atheros wifi chip) and I have installed both Windows XP and BackTrack 3 Beta.

    Now I have got a fun little idea and I would like the opinions of some of the experts around here.

    1. I want to make the laptop act as an access point that is not secured in any way, allowing anybody to connect.
    2. Next I would like to configure the system so that when someone trys to access the internet by typing any domain name or any ip address into their browser, it will reroute them to a local http server where I can run a fun web page where they can possibly leave a message (I guess I would install a PHP server and run a php script).
    3. I would like it to be secure in terms of not comprimising my operating systems especially my Windows XP partition.

    Here is my progress:

    1. I can do this very easily by putting the wifi chip into AP mode, creating a brige from ath0 to eth0, and running DCHPD.
    2. I tried running the HTTPD program from Backtrack 3's menu and I can then access the HTTP server when I connect to the custom AP from my desktop PC by manually entering the IP address in Firefox. What is the best way to reroute any ip adrress or domain name to the local HTTP server? It is by running a DNS server using NAMED?
    3. What is the best way to make this secure? Should I block all ports other than 80 and perhaps the DHCP port?

    I think wifi providers at train stations and airports do basically exactly what I would like to do in terms of providing limmited access to the internet (Where infact it is not the internet at all its a local http server)

    Thanks for any helpful opinions.

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    Look up "captive portal" - That's what you're describing

    Some other things to take a look at include the nocat site and for fun stuff, try the upside-down-ternet

    That should point you in the right direction...........I'm sure others will also contribute some useful/interesting ideas also

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    Fantastic - these captive portals are exactly what I needed!

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    in addition, look into airpwn(i think). it does just that, rerouting clients to a webpage on your http server.

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