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Thread: Rainbow Tables help

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    Default Rainbow Tables help

    Can I get some help with these questions please?

    In order to crack WPA and WPA 2 passphrases it requires using Rainbow Tables along with Cowpatty. I have the 33gb Rainbow table download. It includes the SSID.txt list and the corresponding tables.

    I am not quite clear how I can create a hash file for my AP's ssid which is a different ssid than in the list.
    I understand that I am supposed to use Genpmk along with the church of wifi dictionary file to do this.
    The 33gb download doesn't have the dictionary file that is used to make all those tables, so where do I get it?
    If i have this dictionary file I can then use genpmk to make a custom hash file for each unique ssid I want correct?
    Obviously I am missing something here, is it simple??

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    Check out this thread: hxxp://

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    Check the tutorials by Xploitz-- work like a charm-- just use the pause button
    while watching the video(s) follow them word for word and pay attention to the titles on the borders surrounding the windows he's using-- some of the stuff you do will be with kwrite among others-- make sure to try it several times front to back and voila! recomputed tables
    ps: i only used aircrack-ng suite not cowpatty but it was fast gonna try cowpatty soon

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