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Thread: Can't connect to the inetrnet in bt4

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    Default Can't connect to the inetrnet in bt4

    I run various linux distros from DVD drive as iso images. I have new Fedora 12 in hard drive C:.
    Here is my problem : I can't connect to the internet with ANY distro EXCEPT with BT 3 and PC-BSD. Backtrack Linux 3 and PC-BSD 8 work great out of the box and no other linux distro works including new BT 4.
    My computer is HP Compaq laptop CoreDuo @ 1.73 with 2 GB of RAM. My ISP is BellSouth and they do not want to cooperate even if I want to pay their advance technical support (they do not want to support anything except windows and mac). The only modem I can use with BellSouth is supplied by them and is Motorola Netopia DSL (nothing else works I tried it).
    In BT 3, PCBSD and windows I access modem by typing in my browser and if I can do that in BT 4 I would not have Internet problem but in BT 4 and all other distros when I try to do it I get message Can't connect to server.
    I know that BT 4 switched to Debian hence my internet problem. How does BT 4 handle IP connection differently?
    I suspect problem is with eth0 - when I type ifup eth0 i get can't assign address and if I try to access modem by typing it gives me can't access server.
    route -n gives me following Destination 127.0.0 Gateway Genmask
    if config gives me just >
    Here is output from BT3 where my connection works (by typing in browser):
    Route Preferences
    Address Netmask Name Ethernet 100BT WAN VCC1
    Network Routing Table
    Destination Netmask Gateway Interface Metric RIP WAN cc1 0 N/A Ethernet 0 N/a
    Host Routing table
    Destination Netmask Gateway Interface Metric RIP Loopback 0 N/A WAN 0 N/A Ethernet 0 N/A
    Home Summary Offline Ethernet Active Ethernet
    Broadband DSL line
    WAN IP Address
    Gateway IP Address

    DHCP Server IP

    DHCP Server IP

    As far as I noticed all values are static except for WAN.
    I was told by BellSouth that my address was dynamic.

    I tried without any results to set IP manually by setting my IP address and gateway or
    with netmask or
    What to do to get internet connection?
    Thanks a lot in advance for all persons sending reply and trying to help me.

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    Default Re: Can't connect to the inetrnet in bt4

    I dont see any reference to this HowTo mentioned in your post. Did you follow it when trying to setup your network?
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    Run this in Terminal:

    [CODE]/etc/init.d/networking start/CODE]

    Try running this in Terminal:

     /etc/init.d/networking start
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    Default Re: Can't connect to the inetrnet in bt4

    Or try starting the wicd manager from BT4 and than open it to check for any available connections
    /etc/init.d/wicd start

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    Default Re: Can't connect to the inetrnet in bt4

    after ,,ifup eth0,, did you also run ,,dhclient eth0,, ?

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